Cushyknit was founded in July 2020 during lockdown of the Covid Pandemic. 
Specialising in creating chunky knitted home furnishings to help you spruce up your home interior. Based in a small seaside village, Broughty Ferry in Dundee, Scotland. With a vision to bring you luxurious home furnishings whilst being a sustainable brand- no plastic in our products or packaging and a promise for zero waste.
Using 100% Merino Wool or our Vegan Alternative Bio-Nylon Wool or our Supersoft Chenille Yarn- Only the best materials are used here.
Mostly Made-to-order so that they are freshly made products just for you- this makes it more personal for you and reduces waste as a business or stock sitting unnecessarily for a long time. Although from time to time I will have a few ready-made products too!
Here's to gorgeous chunky knits thrown over the sofa to create a relaxed but stylish interior.